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     The One of a Kind project was born of a passion, a great desire to create and give new life to objects forgotten by time.

    I upcycle and make original creations from vintage objects, as well as restorations and accept commissions for decorative projects.

      I work with decorators and architects to find and manufacture the right pieces for their projects.


"Oh, you found the bakelite heater! It's very beautiful."


I have always had a fascination with old things, the stories they could tell, the lives of their owners, their usefulness, the patina they gain over time.

The visits to antiques shops always had as purpose to satisfy my addiction and my curiosity. I’ve always liked to dig through dusty shelves with a longing to make a new discovery of something unique and beautiful, something that spoke to my core and aesthetic sense.

On one of these visits, in the middle of a dimly lit room of forgotten objects piled up to the ceiling, something shimmered and my eyes immediately were fixed: blackened  copper tones. I reached between the tight furniture where it was stuck and carefully removed this unknown object. The store owner comes up from behind me and quickly solves the mystery: "Oh, you found the bakelite heater! It's very beautiful.".

I did not know what to do, I did not need a heater, I had no practical use for it, but I was still fascinated with it anyway. I felt I had to have it. I saved it in my collection and I realized the irony of my act: I bought something that was no longer useful and will be forgotten in a dark and dusty room. I had to give it a new life.

I thought it would be possible to turn it into a lamp. In my workshop there began a commotion: the methodically dismantling, to understand the limitations, to find technical solutions. I was almost in a trance. I invested hours of work because he wanted it to be perfect and in the end, like a proud father, he was better than I could hope for.

After finishing it, there was an eagerness, an appetite for more. As I scoured my collection, I discovered several forgotten objects, all eager to tell their story. Slowly I started experimenting, creating and reviving things that I loved and wanted to share it with everyone.

All because of a modest heater, my first creation, which today is (almost reluctantly) in a good house living a new life, recovered from the darkness of oblivion.

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