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If you wish to buy or inquire about a piece, please contact me through email or phone.


Don’t forget to mention which piece you have in mind; I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

info@filipeferraria.com - (00351) 917 499 067

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- I like a piece, how can I buy it?


Please contact me through the contacts provided on the website. Due to the limited and usually unique production schedule of the pieces, each is treated individually with great care. To provide a good service, I have chosen to deal directly with customers in this part of the process in order to define the most convenient way to deliver the article and provide post-sale support.



- I would love to have more of the same pieces, can you do more?


 Almost without exception all my pieces are unique, being difficult to reproduce them again, due to the rarity or provenance of its components.


However, some parts are possible to reproduce on a small scale and are marked when this is possible.



- Do you accept custom designs?


Yes, I will be happy to create something for you. It will be a collaborative process to find the best solution for your needs.




- The piece has a defect, what can I do?


If it is a technical defect (does not turn on, for example), I will repair it at no cost to you if you are within the Porto (Portugal) area.


If it is an aesthetic defect, I will remind you that each piece is unique and produced in an artisan way, with a specific aesthetic in mind. I’ll be more than glad to let you inspect the piece before buying, either in person or by sending detailed photos.




- What payment methods are available?


I accept MB Way, bank transfer or cash. The order will only be delivered after confirming the receive of payment.




- What kind of lamp can I use with my piece?


Each piece uses a type of lamp specific to its construction for aesthetic and safety reasons. It will be specified in the tag that accompanies the piece.


- Do you ship your pieces abroad?


Yes, but the shipping cost will be extra.

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